The Mohammed Jalal Group is a diversified and entrepreneurial conglomerate whose origins lie in trading. The last four decades have witnessed times of unprecedented activity and change, interspersed by periods of consolidation. During this time, countries in the region have experienced explosive growth in terms of infrastructure, manufacturing capabilities, technology and communications.

To survive and prosper in such a volatile but exciting business climate it has been necessary to balance innovation with caution.

For the Group, the way forward in the 1997 and beyond will be to adhere to our proven business philosophy: balanced diversification, seeking new ideas and long-term opportunities based on sound commercial logic.

The early years coincided with a period of great austerity following the end of world war II. At that time the region’s development was still in its infancy, but through energy and persistence the business grew and prospered. During the 1950s and early 60s, Mohammed Jalal & Sons acquired agencies for a number of overseas companies, established an international network of trading partners, which endures to this day.

In the early 80s the emphasis switched towards the services and maintenance sectors and the Group responded by putting in place the resources to meet rising demand.

The Gulf Conflict of the early 90s was a traumatic experience for many countries in the GCC region. In its immediate aftermath confidence plummeted but returned quite quickly, bringing with it an increase in both business activity and commercial opportunities.

Mohammed Jalal & Sons remains a family business with Mr. Mohammed Jalal as Chairman. He and his four sons make up the Family Board, which gives maximum flexibility in the decision-making process.

The executive Board, comprising the family, key management and financial officers, is responsible for implementing Group strategy and ensuring that each division and business operates efficiently and profitable.






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