FAW Car Launch

Mohammed Jalal & Sons Automotive, the exclusive dealer of the Chinese FAW automobiles in Kingdom of Bahrain, launched a comprehensive range of luxurious FAW cars on Thursday 12/10/2017.  Established in 1953, FAW is considered one of the leading manufacturers of both premium luxurious cars and versatile multipurpose cars worldwide, which features high durability and elegant design offering a variety of cars and engine sizes to meet the expectations of its customers.  FAW benefits from international co-operation with Volkswagen, Toyota, Mazda and General Motors.


Customers can select from a range of engine sizes, starting from 1.6 liter up to 2.0 liter turbo and can enjoy convenient stylish interiors, FAW vehicles meet the highest standards of safety and comfort, it features front and back proximity sensors, advanced ABS Braking system and cruise control system, drivers can also choose between standard drive mode for a comfortable and efficient driving experience or sports drive mode for a fast and swift driving experience. FAW cars are equipped with four-cylinder engines and automatic transmission system that provides maximum fuel efficiency and acceleration rates.


Mohammed Jalal & Sons Automotive is a leading car dealership company offering over numerous decades various types of cars and trucks to the domestic market in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  You are invited to visit our showrooms in Khamis or Sitra for viewings or test drives, for more information on the FAW vehicles please call 17-252606 (Khamis) or 17-707070 (Sitra).